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kimberlyloc x rachel’s plan bee | jasmine body oil | Post Shower

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New around here? Get my monthly newsletter for even more green beauty goodness. Thanks for visiting!After a little more than a year since its initial limited edition release, the jasmine body oil that delighted so many noses is back — for good. What was once known as kimberlyloc x Rachel’s Plan Bee Limited Edition Body Oil is now simplified: Meet kimberlyloc x Rachel’s Plan Bee Jasmine Body Oil. OK, so that name is still kinda long. You can keep calling it “K Oil” or Read more [...]

How My Mom’s Tough Love About My Body Shaped Basically Everything | Hidden Benefit

in Simple & Healthyways
One of my favorite things to do as a kid was sit in bed with my parents and read books. On one particular afternoon, I was getting ready to read with my mom, resting my back against the headboard with my knees bent to prop my book.While waiting for her to join me, I noticed with curiosity that when my knees were together, the rest of my legs didn’t touch at all. I thought that was biologically interesting and pointed it out to my mom. “That gap better stay there,” she retorted unsympathetically.I Read more [...]

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Goldenseal | Endangered Species

in Simple & Healthyways
When I was little, I had an eye infection, and I remember that my mom used a goldenseal “tea” to wash out my eye. I don’t remember very much about the tea except the very bitter taste when some of it got in my mouth. Turns out this pungent herb is actually a powerhouse medicinal herb that can be used as a home remedy for many things! Choosing Ethical Goldenseal Like ginseng, goldenseal is also a very powerful and popular medicinal herb. Because of their high value and potency, Read more [...]

7 Traits of Happy and Productive People at Work | Html Div

in Simple & Healthyways
Putting in long hours at work doesn’t always mean you’re productive. You’re exhausted and spread thin, and you’re probably miserable to boot. You’re only going through the motions of working. You may get the job done but your output isn’t exactly your best work. Citing a decade’s worth of research, Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer — authors of The Progress Principle — pointed out: “People are more productive and creative when they have more positive emotions.” Employees shouldn’t Read more [...]

BALI YOGA RETREAT 2017: With Kate & Kelsi | 1st Chakra

in Simple & Healthyways
I AM SO EXCITED! I am over the moon to finally write this post with my soul sister Kelsi Ludvigsen as we prepare for our yoga retreat with Leela Yoga in BALI April 8 – 15 2017. Yup, this is your official invitation, beautiful! Over the course of the week, Kelsi and I will lead a transformative retreat focusing on vinyasa and yin yoga practices, pranayama and meditation. Throughout our journey, we will lead classes which explore our energy centres — our chakras. As we move through Read more [...]

tata harper | elixir vitae eye serum | Eye Serum

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New around here? Get my monthly newsletter for even more green beauty goodness. Thanks for visiting!Filled to the brim with plant extracts and peptides, Tata Harper Elixir Vitae Eye Serum promises to minimize the look of fine lines and brighten the eye area. Part of Tata Harper’s “Supernatural Collection,” the line’s self-described most-advanced collection of natural skincare treatments, Elixir Vitae Eye Serum blurs fine lines and wrinkles thanks to acmella extract, which Read more [...]

These Dark Characters Embody All Different Types of Mental Illness | Mental Health

in Simple & Healthyways
We're fans of anything that opens up the conversation around mental health, including these mesmerizing illustrations by Shawn Cross. In honor of "Inktober," he's depicting a different mental illness in ink every day this month. The resulting characters are somewhat dark (HP fans will get a Dementor vibe), which makes them even more powerful. Whether or not you can directly relate to them, they are encouraging tons of people to join the discussion (or share their own stories) surrounding Read more [...]
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