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GreenPeak Releases New, Ground-Breaking Family Lifestyle Systems | Business Wire | Elderly People

UTRECHT, The Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GreenPeak

Technologies, the industry leading Smart Home semi-conductor/system

company, today announces a family of new, ground-breaking sensor and

cloud based intelligent systems for Family Lifestyle integrated with

Social Media. The first release is a Senior Lifestyle System that

empowers children and their elderly parents to privately and securely

share lifestyle information, enabling the seniors to feel safe and live

longer at home independently, while their children feel secure that

their parents are well. The Senior Lifestyle system is currently being

rolled out to consumers in Germany and China via Service Operators, such

as cable operators, telco’s. Large retailers.

GreenPeak’s Family Lifestyle Systems are built around a set of wireless ZigBee

sensor nodes located throughout the home and connected via an internet

gateway to a cloud based self-learning algorithm with advanced behavior

pattern recognition capabilities, that learns the normal day to day

activities and behavior of people in their home. When irregular behavior

or exception situations are identified, family or friends will be

notified via a smart phone application that can be integrated with

online messaging and social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp,

WeChat and QQ. In this way, these Lifestyle Systems keep family members

and loved ones informed, wherever they're, on how they're doing. With

a growing number of elderly people wishing to continue living in their

own home longer, the need for smart assisted living solutions is rapidly


The essential elements of the system are the ease of installation and

the unobtrusiveness, providing privacy and security. The wireless

sensors can be installed in specific places in the home in a matter of

minutes, from where they connect via a gateway to the cloud over the

internet. Over a period of a few weeks and based on the inputs of the

sensors, the system automatically learns to identify normal behavior: no

programming of rules to define exception situations is required. After

the learning period, the system is able to separate normal inputs from

abnormal situations and can create alerts via messaging systems and

Social Media applications, with which it can be integrated. The system

is also totally unobtrusive. It doesn't require people to wear devices

and doesn't require cameras, preserving privacy, while at the same time

is very effective in creating peace of mind for elderly people and their

The system also provides general information and longer

term behavioral trends. For instance, the system will identify and

report when a person gradually starts to move slower. The system has

been intensively tested in care environments, has won various awards for

top quality home care and is now also available for consumers.

“Smart home solutions need to address real problems to the consumer.

Senior Lifestyle is GreenPeak’s first application in this Family

Lifestyle Systems domain and will become one of the fastest growing

Smart Home applications.” says Cees

Links, Founder &. CEO of GreenPeak Technologies, “Family Lifestyle

Systems are bringing families together by integrating Smart Home and

Internet of Things technologies with social media to provide comfort,

safety and security. Our connected Family Lifestyle Systems are simple

to install, low cost and unobtrusive – they need no programming or rule

and exception definitions.”

Senior Lifestyle Systems and the related cloud and expert applications

are currently in trial in both Germany and China through the Service

Operators and are expected to scale up in volume roll out later this

year, allowing Service Operators to offer new exciting services to their

subscribers. In the next phase, other Family Lifestyle applications will

be added. Junior Lifestyle, monitoring babies, infants and children is

the next in line to help families watch over their loved ones, directly

linking the Smart Home and Social Media.

According to two new reports from IHS Technology, “The World Market for

Home Health Technologies” and “Smart Home Subscribers &. Services”, the

installed base of independent living solutions is set for rapid growth

over the coming years. “Sensor and alarm-based technologies, in

conjunction with cloud-based external monitoring capabilities, can be

used to support the aging population by enabling a higher level of

independence while addressing growing care bills,” explains Lisa

Arrowsmith, Director for Connectivity, Smart Homes and Smart Cities at

IHS. “The growing adoption of such solutions will be supported by a wide

ecosystem of companies entering this market, with a diverse company mix,

including sensor device providers, application developers, service

providers and even retailers to provide family and caregivers with means

of staying connected to their loved ones.”

GreenPeak at IBC2014
GreenPeak will be at IBC –. Hall 1 –.

Booth 1.C90.
To learn more about the Family Lifestyle application

in the Smart Home or a live demonstration, please visit the GreenPeak

booth at IBC2014

– Amsterdam RAI – 12-16 September 2014 –. Make an appointment with our

sales team –. Tel +31 6 51231854.

About GreenPeak Technologies
GreenPeak Technologies is a

fabless semiconductor/system company and the leader in the IEEE 802.15.4

and ZigBee market with a rich offering of semiconductor products and

software technologies for Smart Home data communications and the

Internet of Things.
The GreenPeak founders have significantly

contributed to the invention of WiFi and made it into a commercial

success, used by several billion people today. GreenPeak is recognized

as a leader in developing new wireless technologies for consumer

electronics and Smart Home applications, demonstrating rapid growth and

adoption by major customers.
GreenPeak is privately funded. It's

headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has offices in Belgium,

China, France, USA, Japan and Korea.
For more information, please

visit www.greenpeak.com.

Press Contact GreenPeak
Elly Schietse, Tel +32 52 45 87 30
Cell +32 479 76 18 25
Press contact GreenPeak - USA
SRS-Tech PR for GreenPeak
Mark Shapiro, Tel +1 619 249 7742

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