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How to Cook Eggs 11 Different Ways | Fridge

If you ask me, eggs are one of the most perfect foods. They’re budget-friendly, protein-packed, have a relatively long life in the fridge, and are so, so versatile. And while there are a ton of creative new ways to eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s worth mastering the basics before you go nuts with lemon curd and hollandaise and mayo from scratch.

My favorite way to eat eggs…depends on the day? Some mornings, a simple scramble is the best possible breakfast. Other days, I’m craving a thick piece of bread and want a fried egg on top so that I can use the yolk for dipping. Then, there are weeks when I know that it doesn’t matter what I want, because all I’ll have time for in the morning is to grab a slice of already-cooked frittata out of the fridge (sometimes there’s time for the microwave, other times not even that).

There are thousands of egg recipes out there, and hundreds of slight variations on each classic egg preparation, whether it be in the recipe or the technique. Here are the 11 most essential ways you can cook an egg, along with what I think is the best technique for each. Once you’ve mastered them all, the sky’s the limit!

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