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How to Make Money by Writing Reviews for Brands | Writing Reviews

How to Make Money by Writing Reviews for Brands

I've seen that people nowadays don't buy a product blindly on just someone’s recommendation.

They go for in-depth reviews which cover each and every detail of the product along with their negatives and positives. Covering up every aspect of the product is the best thing about a review.

You get to know the worth of the product as well as if it’s worth spending so much money on the product.

But the question which pops in our head every time we read a review of the particular product is that whether the review is true or fake.

Well, friends, I know it's not your fault. Because you come across many such chitter-chatters that tell you people get paid for writing fake reviews of the product.

This is where you lose hope and start thinking twice before buying a particular product. But that's another side of the story which happens rarely.

Most of the blogs which write a review of the products provide a detailed and genuine review so that it creates authority and trust factor for their website. Only established blogs write reviews of well-known and reputed brands.

When my blog became popular among social platforms, I got the offer for writing reviews for some recognized brands. It was a great opportunity for me to explore the market and know more about different products and services available in the market.

I realized that it's a good way to make money by writing reviews for brands either for direct sales or affiliate promotions. So, I decided to write reviews.

But before writing these money rendering reviews, be sure about few things.

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Follow these Steps to Make Money by Writing Reviews for Brands

Yes, you can make money by writing reviews. Reviews shouldn't be just causal posts. They need to be well planned and executed. Here are some guidelines to create impressive reviews for brands.

1. Be Sure that you've the Desired Blog for Writing Reviews

If you’re a newbie blogger, then you’ve to follow a few tips like these:

  • Pick up a relevant niche for your review blog so that it doesn’t look like regular blogs.
  • Set up a website with the help of web hosting companies. they'll provide you a domain name, web designing and other significant multi-functional features to make your online presence worthwhile.
  • Approach the brands which deal in products and services and join their referral or affiliate program.
  • Reviews can be based on comprehensive research or personal experience. Referral marketing involves those product reviews which are based on your own personal experience. But when you're going for affiliate marketing program of various brands, then the reviews will be based on thorough research of the product by many channels.
  • Experiment with the diverse range of content by attempting to write great review stories for your readers. The top-notch keyword-based content is the way to attract more traffic. Take the help of tools available in the market to make your content writing journey easy. For example, rich snippets, SEO, traffic funnels, etc.

For beginners, they should follow all the above points in a set pattern. But those who have fully established blogs, they can jump up to the point given below. It'll provide you other relevant information for making money by writing reviews for brands.

2. Understand the Difference Between Advertisement and a Review

Before writing a review, first, clear out the difference between an Ad and a review.

An Ad is just a source of information about the availability of the product in the market. Whereas, a review is a critical analysis of a product and it narrates each and every aspect of the product or service, including its features and pros and cons.

An Ad is a quick display of features of a product from the point of view of the manufacturer. A review is an unbiased approach towards a company and takes into consideration all the components as it relates to its target audience.

3. Think Yourself to be an Influencer

Before writing any review, think that you’re an influencer, a person who can affect anyone’s decision making process and buying habits.

When you've a good reader base, you'll want to recommend such products which will be helpful for your audience. You can even write a review about those products and services which you've already used and stood to benefit from.

You won’t get paid till you don't link your reviews to the affiliate links of various brands like Amazon or Commision Junction.

Your blog will monetize. you'll be paid as per the clicks on the particular product or the commision on sales of the product.

Once you become an influencer for your audience at a high level, you can also offer the audience freebies, gift items, free guides, etc. in order to encourage buying.

4. Choose the Item Which You Want to Review

This step is imperative for an already established blog, which decides to start review writing. you've to consider many points before you begin with writing reviews:

  • Will your blog’s theme suit the product you've chosen to review?
  • Will your audience take an interest in the new category of your blog?
  • Do you've enough resources to explore the new field? (for example, a person who can write for you or time allotted for research of those products and services)
  • Will this shift of idea benefit you in the future?

So, before selecting an item to write its review, you need to think about every aspect.

You need to see which type of audience you're targeting. And, if the potential viewers will stick with the change in the long run.

If you've a user base of young viewers, you can go for writing reviews about latest technology like smartphones, headphones, laptops, etc. Choose your product widely keeping in mind all the above factors.

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How I Made Money by Writing Reviews

In this part, I'll help you with all the necessary points you must consider while writing the best engaging review for your readers.

1. Lay Out the Structure of the Review

I always prepare a proper structure before writing a review for any product. The structure herein means the format as per what comes first and what next.

I always divide the section of the review so that the reader gets clear insight about what I'm writing. The next part is about the detailed research and finding answers to the questions like:

  • What's the purpose of the product or service?
  • How's this product different from other competitors?
  • who'll be the target audience?
  • What're the negatives of the product?
  • From where'll the users get the product?

All these questions have to be answered in the review itself so that the reader gets an exact idea about the product and know whether it's beneficial for him or not.

A comprehensive review must cover all the essential points so that it doesn't confuse the reader. So, my friends, this strategy works well on my reviews and gives clarity about the product to be purchased. You too can frame all these points and start earning from the review.

You can use the review plugin SchemaNinja that's specially developed for people who want to make money from product reviews.

2. Cover Up Every Aspect

Make your review a comprehensive one which covers every detail of the product, whether it's a good point or a bad one. Never try to glorify your review with the attempt of only selling the product. Earning money.

The readers are very smart to catch these tricks of yours. they'll never buy the product which looks like an ad. This may result in losing your credibility as a pro blogger because any product can't exist without any cons.

Design your review with full disclosure of facts about the product and service and leave it for the user to decide. What I mean to say here is that an analysis constructed wisely and systematically will gain the trust of your readers.

3. Consider Your Target Audience and Readers

We can further divide this point into two stages –  one for beginners and the other for established blogs.

The beginners have to start from the initial steps of blogging. that's, to get the desired number of readers of their blog by applying every technique, be it a SEO or niche related strategy or using the rich snippets to hike your ratings and rankings.

In the initial stage, your layout and the tools you use will help you to understand your readers. And after that, you can capture the market slowly by writing reviews about various products and services.

Now if I talk about myself, then let me tell you, that I'm exploring this field from last seven years. And, I know about most of the techniques, which you can apply to get more traffic, apart from gaining the trust of the blog readers.

This span of time has allowed me to understand my readers very well and I outline my strategies according to this understanding. If your reader base is from a technical field, then offer them the products which are of their taste. Make use of the written language accordingly.

4. Recapitulate the Attributes

I think this is the point where many reviews fail to explain the purpose. Look, friends. There are always two kinds of readers in the market.

One who'll only go through relevant and highlighted points of the review and make a decision. And, the one who'll go deep into the content to get the maximum info about the product.

Whenever you post a product review, make sure that both types of readers get the best out of reading the review.

Make a point to summarise every feature of every product at the end. So that even the fast scanning minds can get the whole idea by just reading the highlighted and summed up features of the product.

5. Use Attractive Images, Call to Action Buttons and Affiliate Links

I always try to make my review as attractive as I can to induce the thought of buying the product as soon as the reader goes through it.

Friends, along with far-reaching content, use of high-quality pictures and call to action buttons along with affiliate links are equally essential for the overall display of the review.

Any affiliate program will have its own call to action buttons. Like – Buy Now, Check For Discount, Buy Only On Amazon, Amazon Exclusive Product, etc.

Any affiliate program you join will provide you the affiliate links for the products and services which you can use in the content, images as well as in call-to-action buttons which you've inserted below each product review.

6. Be Ready for Every Admiring as Well as Disapproving Comment

As you very well know that no two fingers are equal. The same goes with your blog’s different kinds of readers.

it's not necessary that all your readers will agree with all the points you've stated in your review. Be ready to face the harsh side of review writing, as you've to answer and deal with all the negative feedback with a positive approach.

Your optimistic attitude will help you in building trust factor among the users. And, they'll engage in your work for a longer period.

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Last But Not the Least

I've made good money by writing reviews for brands. Now it's your turn to do so. Don’t leave any stone unturned in writing a captivating review for your audience.

But also remember – your blog’s authority depends on entirely on how you flip the things in a positive way without damaging your image as a review writer.

Over to You

Whichever brand’s affiliate program you sign up for, you've to consider all the points mentioned above and design your review writing as per the need.

I've done my part friends. Now it’s your turn to establish yourself and earn money by review writing. What're your thoughts about earning money by writing review for brands?

Last Updated on: April 17th, 2017

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