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Neonics: What They Are And Why To Avoid Them At All Costs | Humans

Our bees are in trouble. Global bee populations have been falling for quite a while now at an alarming rate. And this is much more serious than just a lack of honey—bees pollinate a huge amount of our plants, fruit and vegetables. If they disappeared completely, it’s safe to say that our everyday lives would be dramatically affected.

So what is causing this decline? There are various factors, including climate change and disease, but one of the biggest causes (and one that’s caused by us humans) is neonics, a pesticide used on crops that’s incredibly harmful to bees. This infographic looks at what neonics are, how they’re use, the effects they have on bees, and some of the alternatives. Have a read and learn about how these pesticides are killing our bees.

What are neonics? infographic
Infographic via Sun Leisure


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