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raw is everything facial moisturizer | Seed Oil

The beauty of single-ingredient face oils has officially taken my heart — and skin.

As someone who oohs and ahhs over complex, active-packed formulations, it feels quite refreshing to focus my admiration on just one ingredient to truly experience its glory.

On more than one occasion, that ingredient has been passionfruit seed oil.

Raw is Everything’s Facial Moisturizer contains just 100 percent unrefined, cold-pressed, wildcrafted passionfruit seed oil.

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{I received Raw is Everything Facial Moisturizer in a complimentary Pearlesque monthly subscription box. The 1-ounce dropper bottle face oil costs $55.}

Raw is Everything Passionfruit Seed Oil

It’s packaged in a lovely slate blue glass dropper bottle that dispenses a pretty yellow, fragrant oil that’s citrusy and sweet with a soft finish that illuminates your skin.

For those with combination or oily skin — and especially those who are prone to acne, like me — passionfruit seed oil is a wonderful choice for balancing and lightly moisturizing your delicate complexion thanks to its high dose of linoleic acid and tocopherols (fatty acids and vitamin E compounds).

Here’s the full ingredient list:

100% unrefined, cold pressed, wildcrafted Passiflora edulis (passionfruit) seed oil

Simple and luxurious, Raw is Everything’s Facial Moisturizer looks beautiful on your vanity and feels silky on the skin. It’s got a velvety finish that, with just 2-4 drops patted into the cheeks and any dry patches, makes you look radiant and alive without shine or heaviness.

I’ve found that passionfruit seed oil is the most-agreeable with my skin, which can react to product overload and too many steps in a complex routine. My skin also likes other thin oils, like jojoba, squalane, grapeseed and rosehip oils.

For days when I’m layering products, keeping my final touch (always an oil!) simple lessens the chance for reactions or clogging, which I’ve suffered from in the past. Raw is Everything Facial Moisturizer is a natural fit with my luxury green beauty routine and one I’d absolutely repurchase and recommend.

What single-ingredient face oils are your favorite? Does your skin prefer high lineolic acid oils? What’s your skin type? Tell me in the comments!



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