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The truth about white, European, Western culture | Compilation

Paul Joseph Watson talks about some of the reasons why white, European, Western culture is the best form of civilisation. Whites have contributed more positive things to humanity than any other group of people and Blacks, Arabs, Jews, Asians, Mestizos and others should treat whites way better. And remember, when other races say that whites stole inventions doesn’t mean they did, after all, if you take a look at the actual inventors you see that almost all of them are white and those people claiming that Europeans stole inventions never say who was the person who invented it, simply because it was a white person who invented it. Saying that for example Muslims invented a certain thing doesn’t mean anything when you can’t say which Muslim invented it or when he or she did it. What a lot of people call Muslim inventions aren’t even Muslim inventions anyway but things that were invented by people, like Persians, before their regions were conquered by Muslims. Arabs made almost no inventions, innovations and discovieres whatsoever. Neither did Africans, especially compared to white people. Also, white people should treat each other way better as well, just because someone was born or lives in another country doesn’t mean he or she can be blamed for what government, the state and the media in that country did ages ago, certain entities want whites to hate and fight against each other but that shouldn't happen.
However, it's to be said that Ford is awful, their cars lack quality and the Ford Foundation is one of the worst foundations of all time and almost as horrible as the Rockefeller Foundation or the Open Society Foundations by George Soros (György Schwartz) who's one of the worst human being ever, both of those foundations are anti-white.


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